We’ve been forced to release a bit early, so there’s still some issues here or there, but the registration system for .o is online and functional! After setting up OpenNIC on your computer, take a visit to register.o and try it our yourself!


  • Currently, only a single external nameserver can be defined.

We are aware of the issues with this platform. It will work, but there are definitely improvements to be made. We encourage users to open a bug report with our issue tracker, simply so we can prioritize what to fix first. If an issue for your problem/suggestion is already open, please give it a Thumbs Up emoji on GitHub as opposed to opening a new issue, that way we can see what needs to be fixed immediately.

Huge thanks to theob (theos-space on GitHub) for developing the base code for this project. If you have knowledge of NodeJS, pull requests would be highly appreciated!