I’m excited to announce the “.o” proposal on the OpenNIC Mailing List has been approved by the members of the community and hopefully we’ll start seeing our servers go online in the next couple of days!


Next couple of days: Hopefully the .o T1 servers will be added to the OpenNIC root network. This will immediately enable resolution for all .o domains. By this time if you haven’t changed your DNS servers, you should do that now.

[Update 11/29]: Our T1 server has been added, expect everything to be working across all of OpenNIC within 48 hours.

Next week: Manual registrations will open. These registrations will be handled manually while we develop our automated registration system. More information on this will be available at tld.o.

Coming weeks: Blogs.o will open registrations, making creating a simple website on the .o namespace as easy as a user registration! Our service is powered by WordPress Multisite and will come with a range of different themes and plugins preinstalled to make your site your own. We will also be opening other services and Tier 2 DNS servers to general audiences.

Coming months: Our automated registration system will be complete, domain holders will be notified by the email provided when they register with information on how to transfer their domains seamlessly to the new system.

Other News:

Our mailing list is now operational! We are using Google Groups, but don’t worry if you don’t have a Google Account, you can join easily through your email client as well. Learn more about how to join here. We strongly recommend joining our mailing list to stay updated on the .o TLD namespace, organizational updates, and being able to vote on organizational matters and proposals.

[Update 2/4]: The mailing list is now depreciated. Stay tuned for updates :)


[Update 2/4]: Blogs.o is now open for public registration, no manual email required.

If you are interested in testing our free WordPress blogging and web hosting service, please email me at jonah@moderntld.com, we may have beta openings. Blogs.o will include a domain mapping service that will allow any OpenNIC domain to be mapped to your website if you so choose, or you will receive a free blogs.o subdomain (yourwebsite.blogs.o)

Thank you for supporting ModernTLD; we plan on growing a lot in the future and we’ll need your help to do it! :)

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